Web deployment security error

Hi all, we use Axapta 3 SP2.0, and our clients connect using the web deployment activeX control. They are configured to use a thin client, connecting to a cluster of AOS’s. As of yesterday some of our users have been recieving the following error when attempting to start Axapta: “The Navision Axapta file was not launched, because you chose not to trust the Navision Axapta file, or because the Navision Axapta file could not be verified as an original Navision Axapta file published by Navision a/s.” I have tried disabling certificate revocation checking in ie, but that does not fix the problem. It is definitely related to the web delpoyment component, since if users are given the axc file and use that to connect directly. everything is fine. Does anyone have a solution for this? We have been advised in the past to obtain the most recent version of the deployment component, but unfortunately since we are not a var we can not get onto partnernet. We have been trying to get the latest version from our var for six months, so that is not going to solve our problem. Thanks in advance

Hi! If you use AD/GP, you could specify that the web deployment site should be a trusted site, and that the security settings for trusted sites should allow unsigned controls etc. Btw - do you have a copy of the html-code you use for web deployment? I can’t get mine to install the servicepack - or install in silent mode… Thanks, Kristian

I found this info on www.partnerguide.com; The Web Deployment component for Microsoft Axapta 3.0 was signed with a revoked certificate. This will cause users to receive the following error when trying to install or launch Microsoft Axapta from the Web Deployment web page: (your error msg) This issue can be resolved with one of the following methods: Updating the cab file on the Web Deployment server and ax32.exe on the client: - Copy the new AxWebDeploy.cab to the Web Deployment directory on the web server. - Replace the appropriate ax32.exe in the clients Bin folder (usually C:\Program Files\Navision\Axapta Client\Bin). - Remove the old Navision Axapta Web Deployment Client component from “c:\windows\Downloaded Program Files” by right clicking and choosing Remove. - Install the new Web Deployment Client component on the client machine by opening the Web Deployment page. Changing Internet Explorer’s security settings (client): - In Internet Explorer go to Tools | Internet Options, choose the tab page Advanced. - Scroll down to Security and uncheck “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation.”