Web Deployment Client Startup Problem

Hi, I did setup the Web Deployment Client, wich install Axapta and the service pack without any problem, but it still don’t work when we try to launch Axapta from the startup menu. It only works Axapta when we click on the Web Deploytement ActiveX. If we try to launch it without the ActiveX it just flash on the screen, like if it open and close instantly. I think the problem is because there’s no config file on the client machines. It work this way because the ActiveX point on the config we have on the server. We’d like to keep to config file on a file server so it can be edit anytime without reinstalling the clients. Is there any way to setup the clients to point on a remote config file with the Web Deployment Client setup? Is there a way to set the client to use the same config file as we use for the Web Deployment Client? I’m very out of ideas and I would be more then happy if anyone could give me any suggestion. Thanks, Jerome