Web Activity Centers / Web parts

Dear All, Our client is planning to use the User Portal with web users and Navision application server, He wants all his 30 users to access Navision through web.(i.e Both light and heavy transactions ) Can it be possible for all the users to access Navision and post transactions through web (Viz. Transactions in GL , sales ,Purchases ,Inventory ). The client is ready to use citrix servers for optimising the browsers speed if needed.and is planning to have a minimum of 5 Sessions. But our concern is whether the Activity centers and web parts have the same functionality as Roles and permissions , i.e can all the routine posting transactions be done through the web. Waiting for your responses. Thanks and regards Surya Prakash

Yes, it can be done. However it will require a vast amount of work as you have to set up appropriate XSL style-sheets (which are the most time-consuming part) for each and every kind of interaction or transaction you want to implement. You might consider using Commerce Portal or a pure Citrix or PCAnywhere solution for your case.

I wouldnt recommend your client starting down this route. As Marcus said there is a lot of developmen t time in creating XSL Style Sheets and recreating Navision through User Portals. Money spent on Development time that could go towards buying a more stable WTS or Citrix solution. In addition from my experience whilst User Portals works OK with Viewing data we have found that heavy transaction based usage can be problematic especially as soon as the number of users increases beyond about 5.