We are now over 20,000 members!

Dear members, We have now passed the 20,000 members line!! Wauw! That’s fantastic! But would have been even more members, if it hadn’t been for the fact that the last two months we have had problems with the registration, that I’ve not been aware of. Every day I could see that new members came in, but even more who didn’t come in. Somehow most of the emails did not get out to the members. Today I’ve therefor manually autorized everyone who have registered the last 7 days. Everyone who registered 8 days or longer ago and who haven’t logged into the site with their autorization code have been deleted. I’ve also turned off the autorization email that is sent to all new members before they can log in. This means that the autorization email is not required. I’m still working on the new replacement site that I’ve been writing about a few times before. And I would still like to receive suggestions to new content and functions. Yesterday I’ve added a new forum, especially to those of you who are into the new technology and Project Green/Microsoft Business Framework. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster, Microsoft MVP - Navision

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Erik, this is a great achievment. WELL DONE!!!

Also keep in mind that there are typically 3 Guests viewing the site for each logged in user, so there are definitely a lot more potential members out there.