WCF - AX Business connector issue

We are using WCF Services hosted in IIS that uses .NET Business connector to integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX with other systems. Each time the Logon and Logoff related methods are called, we are seeing ‘Business Connector Proxy’ sessions are created and removed on AOS online users and the ‘worker’ session remains present as long as the BC process is active.

Alternatively, with ASP.Net Web (ASMX) services – A business connector proxy session is first created and for every subsequent logins, a ‘web user’ session type is being created and removed from AOS.

As we got only 5 business connector proxy licenses, we cannot have more than 5 users login at the same time using WCF Services. These are the event logs we are seeing on our IIS box.

“The following information is part of the event: , Access Control : Cannot start Microsoft Axapta, as more users are running the system than the purchased rights allow…”

Unable to connect to an Application Object Server. A server name may not be specified correctly in the client configuration, or the server specified may not be available…

, Server main session is being destroyed…

Should the WCF service ever use the session type as ‘webuser’ whenever a logon and logoff methods are called?

Any help on this is much appreciated.