WBS in AX 2012 R2

Hi All

Regarding the WBS template in the Project management & Accounting, i cannot find the Activities Header under the Common section in AX 2012 R2, But it is present in the 2012 FP.

Can anyone explain me regarding this.

Thanks In advance.

Hi All

While defining the WBS AX is asking for the Category and in the category drop down only hour type transaction categories are visible, not showing all the categories.

Can anyone suggest me why it is like that in R2 as in the Feature Pack there is no such defining of the category is mandatory.

Please advise me and it will be appreciated if can explain me why Microsoft did like this in R2.

Any comment experts

If you are talking about list of activities in AX then can be seen from Home\Common\Activities\All activities.

In R2 its not mandatory but in R3 it has been made mandatory as I saw it from one of the training video.

What is interesting here is that only the Hour type of project categories are displayed for selection in this look up which is good fit for Service Industries but talking about Manufacturing and also service this limits the WBS usage. Lets see for any responses on why it has been made this way.

Only someone close the product advisory on this particular stream would be able to tell you. Your other alternative is to ask Microsoft - so load a support call, get a response and post it here [:D]