Way to print multiple reports filtered by a date - Shipping Automation

Hello all,

I am trying to find information on how to design a report or a function that will automatically print all picking lists/packings slips for that day(would be better if this could even be automated further to run at a certain system time)?

Any thoughts on the how, or if someone has already done it in a code unit or report available online?

I didnt get what problem you are facing in developing the report?

If you want to filter data with present data use TODAY

Sorry, I should of been more clear. The question I have development wise, is how to run a report from a report(so that I can print pick tickets and packing slips for each line in the report). Also how to automate reports to run on their own if that is possible.

Why do you need to run a report from another report? Just run the report directly and apply your filters.

You can just do REPORT.RUNMODAL though and supply the appropriate report IDs and records. If you’re not a developer I would recommend getting your NAV partner involved.

If you need to automate it you need to look into the Job Queue which works with the NAS (NAV Application Server). Depending on which version you are on you could also look into SQL Jobs, as the NAS will be discontinued with NAV 7.

Report.runmodal might work, the thought behind this is:

Run a report that will find all orders to ship that day

Which runs a batch job that prints each orders relative picking list and packing slip(each of which is a standalone report)