Way to know that a deposit hae been done

Hi all!

I need some ideas here: I have a customer who want to be able to know when a deposit has been done for a particular sales order or invoice? They want to have an alert that will be sent to the sales department when a deposit is entered for a sales order? How will you do that? I know that I may need some customisation but any ideas on what can be done here???

Note: I already think about an email that could be sent but I also dont have to have a lots of emails only for that purposes but if its the only way… That’s why i need some ideas.


If you must have immediately notifications, you can use e-mail, SMS, etc.
Just a recommendation, some times business doesn’t need real time notifications. They will not stop current work even if they receive a notification.
It’s preferable to educate users to periodically run a report and check notifications.