Way to edit all Application Object at a time

Hi, For example, if I want to find all ‘.INSERT’ and change it to ‘.INSERT(TRUE)’ for all Application Objects in an editor. Another example, I want to change all decimal of default 0:5 in all tables to 0:8 in a simple and speedy way instead of opening each table and change a field one by one. Does anyone has any idea on this? Err…Sounds too good to be true? Maybe but I’m hoping that someone can share an idea. :wink: Thanks in advance.

Hi skchong. Try export objects to a textfile (not *.fob) and use the Ctrl+H (search’n’destroy) on .INSERT (OBS case sensitive) as well as DecimalPlaces=0:5 Hopefully you should be able to import the textfile again (normally no problem but you’ll have to compile each imported object…) Currently my Attain-tables 36, 37, 38, 39 has decimalplaces 0:8 :-)) regards /LG

Hi LG, Lucky you that you have 0:8 in your Attain. I’m using Attain 3.01B Yes, I know that I can export each table one by one…but is there any faster & simpler way. I don’t mind writing a program to do an automation on exporting each object to an .txt file. But…how ?? Give me an idea and if I can write a program, for sure I’ll put it for download in this forum. :slight_smile:

In the object designer you mark all table-objects with CTRL-A. If you use the export-function now, you have all table-objects in one .txt-file.

Richard’s suggestion is correct, but he assumed you were viewing the Tables and only the Tables in the Object Designer when you pressed CTRL-A. I would like to caution you to back up your database before you import the modified objects back in. A mass change of a large number of objects is a great way to create havoc in your database with just a small typing error that goes unnoticed. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever.com Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hi, Thank you to everyone for contributing your idea and advice. I would also like to add some comments that we can select all Application Objects by clicking ‘All’ button instead of an Applicatioin Object such as Table, Form or etc and Ctrl-A. :slight_smile: (Cool) We can only successfully export all Application Objects or those selected members in the Application Object(s) provided the license gives us the permission or else, we can’t export those members.