Was that Navision implementation a success?

Many of you read my thread http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9313 but there was not much response. I see a lot of value to all of us in doing this survey. Of course it needs to be totally anonymous. I’ll do the work of creating and compiling the stats, but only if there is enough interest. My fear is that if there is not a large interest, then the tendancy will be more for the bad cases to respond, which would not be fair. So… PS please don’t click view without voting, since you can’t go back and vote later.

Go, Go, Go!!!

thanks, 20 starts to get some numbers. I am hoping for 100, but this is enought to justify the work. I’ll publish the questionaire next weekend. thanks

Hi David Did you take part in the ERP implementation survey last year from the student studying at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University? The results have been published, just thinking you may want to contact Terence Mo and see if you can gain anything from his work? It is entitled “Critical Success Factors of ERP System Adoption: From Guidance to Prediction”. It sounds like some similar ground maybe covered. I have not had a look at the results, just got back from two weeks in Chile and far more important things to do, come to think of it why am I on this site [:D]

Hmm, was this about Navision? Where do you get the results? Is this the student that was doing the survey for a school project?

Hi David It was generic MRP, and yes it was a student although maybe at a higher level than “school” depending upon your definition of it. I still have not read the results, but can forward them incase they help in any manner on the formulation of your survey. Just let me know.

Hello, I don’t know if it is of interest, but Computer Weekly in association with Templeton College, Oxford and the Thornton Partnership produced a report, The State of IT Project Management in the UK, recently. This can be downloaded as a PDF from: http://www.cw360ms.com/pmpdf/preregisterforfinal.asp Unfortunately, you have to register for it, but you do have the option not to receive any e-mails from them.

Steven, please forward the document, everything is usefull. Edward, can you also send me a copy?

Just an FYI… What my objective is, is to get stats on the clients view success of Navision implementations in relation to expectations. And to get statistical information that NSCs could use to help themselves find areas that can be improved THAT ARE SPECIFIC TO NAVISION. Thank you to everyone for the interest. I will make the first question list available for comment after the weekend, and will accept changes to the questionaire for one week, and then start compiling stats.