Warranty invoice to vendor

Hi, i`m newbie in Navision. Can anybody give me a suggestion?

Situation: Company received some Items from vendor, and appears that some of them have technical problems. Those items must be repaired and after repairing service invoice must be sanded to vendor.

What is the best way to solve this one in Navision?


Do you have the Purchase Return granule?

To get all the accounting correct, the best way is to create a Charge Item called (say) WARRANTY, then create a Return Order to the vendor. Add a line of type Charge Item, No WARRANTY. Assign the amount to the repaired items, and issue this as a Debit Memo to the Vendor.

No I don’t have it.

I it possible to solve this problem using Service module?

I guess we both had the same idea at the same time [;)]

More or less…[:)]

Couldn’t you also use a normal “Credit Memo”, which will also allow you to create Item Charges to already posted receipts… of course you would have to post both the shipment/credit memo within a single step.


Absolutely yes. Sorry I got off topic, and forgot to reply to that.

A purchase Credit Memo can be used instead.


Thanks for the confirmation, David… i was just wondering, everybody was just writting about returns, but normal credit memos just work “almost” the same way, at least in this case it should make any difference…