Warranty and AMC in Axapta 2009

How to do Warranty and AMC in AXapta 2009,

Scenario. 1

We Sell I T Stuffs. Consider we have sold one computer, the warranty could start with three scenario. 1 on Delivery 2 on Invoice and 3. on Installation. How to Handle warranty while warranty date is confirmed either on above three mile stones.

Scenario. 2

Now if I have bought Computer from IBM on 1-1-2001, so My Vendor warranty Starts from 1-1-2001, now if i sell Computer to Customer on 2-2-2001, now he has problem on 3-3-2001 then how to handle back-back warranty for customer.


AX as standard does not have this functionality. You can find it if you use batches etc, but there is no where to hold 2 years warranty etc. whether this is manufacturers or yours. MDIS offerings from Fullscope and To-Increase handle some of this functionality.