Warning: Navision 4.0 and User Portals

I discovered today that the XMLDataItemName property has been removed from dataports which means that you cannot use a 4.0 client to do any User Portal development. You have to have a 3.7 clinet installed for that. I didn’t think Navision would ever remove a property…[V] Sigh.

MS should not have dropped User Portal in 4.0 without any replacement. Customer paid for Web User licenses and now cannot be used at all in 4.0. I heard the replacement is Employee Portal coming out be end of the year??? Why so late?

I think that they are trying hard to get it ‘right’. I would expect that if you are going to drop support for something that end users have paid for and that their business depends on you had better make sure that you have something really nice to replace it. Keep your fingers crossed…