Warning Message When Deploying Reports in AX 2012 R2

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I have a question. When deploying AX reports, I got this warning message although all the reports are deployed successfully.

“WARNING: The following warning was returned by the report server when adding report /MSDAX2012R2/CustAdvanceInvoice. ReportPL:The text box ‘TransferFromCredit’ and the text box ‘TransferFromDebit’ overlap. Overlapping report items are not supported in all renderers.”

What does this warning message mean?

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I just had a warning that looks like the one on your post. And i don’t have any idea about where it come from.

Did you solve the problem ?



The error says that TransferFromCredit and TransferFromDebit controls overlap and warns you that some renderers don’t support that. It sounds very clear to me.

You can find a bit more details in Rendering Report Items.