Warehousing question

Hi , Have any body used this field in setting up . I am using version 4 and doing self traing in WMS . As I am doing very well but I have a question . On Location card white WH ----> Bin Tab ---->same setting up of white wH. → which is Putaway directed . There is a field : Inbound Bin code & Outbound bin code I have applied all the scenarios but I couldn’t find any scenario related to these fields … Can I get illustration first about these field s. second can I get any scenario related to these fields. Thank you

Hi These are to do with Production. The inbound bin shows the goods inbound to production, so in a WMS environment the consumption will be pulled as default from this bin, and on the other side the output recorded will be placed as default in the outbound bin.

Hi Steveen , Great Boss. Then what is the differenece between the fields I mentioned before which is Bill Of Material → Inbound bin -Outbound bin & Production → Inbound bin - out bound bin I used Production inbound in aa scenario to pick from Bulk zone to production inbound which was done automatically and successfully But I cann’t have any scenario using BOM in -out automaticallly ? Thank you Steven for helping me in this topic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have also a new question On the warehouse setup — there is a field named Last Whse Posting Ref … Really I have pressed F1 I 've got nothing and also they didn’t pass about it in the training material … Do you have any idea about it …Last Whse Posting REf No… Thank you again Steven for your Help

Hi Jouhayna You never mentioned BOM previously - you were asking about the inbound and outbound bins. Can you repharse your question with reference to where you are looking in Navision. All I did was answer your original question, you are now talking about Bills of Material bins and confusing me! The bins are used for moving he goods in and out of production, and production is driven by the BOM’s so it is the same thing. I do not understand what you would like!

Hi Jouhanya, The inbound Bom Bin code & Outbound BOM bin code are the default bins used for Inventory BOM Journal. Try a scenario where u want to assemble a Inventory BOM then you can notice that system will always post the Items to default Bom Bins set up. Referring to ur field " Last whse Ref" I guess it acts like an audit trail, other than that, I dont see any usage. However, it also depends on your warehouse set up and your clients requirements, there are many features which you may not require to set up. Thanks & Regards,

Ah yes in 4.0 they split out the production and BOM lines for bin processing as they had issues with directed picks and putaways and BOM journals.

Hi Steven and Vinee , First sorry for my delay to reply due my busy time . Second sorry to confuse you Steven , yes I mean exactly what vinee try to tell you . from now on I will try to be more specific . I will try the scenario that was suggested from vinee. And I will come back . Thank you for oyu both Have a good day