Warehouses combination

Hi all,

I’m involving into a project where the goal is to combine all main warehouses into ONLY one warehouse because lots of issues that my customer has with transfers. ( so lots of transfers activities). We must then setup allocations when needed.

Does anyone has an idea of how this can be done? espacially if someone already went through this kind of situation. All comments are welcome.


Warehouse should be mapped in system as per warehouse structure only, if they are at two different physical locations then two different warehouses should be created. Also, users might be transferring items between warehouses and thus posting is required in AX also.

If transactions are already posted for that warehouses, you can’t delete those warehouses. System must have created all the inventdims. The only way i see is to create a new consolidated warehouseand transfer all the inventory to that warehouse/location. This is also not a good approach, you might have many open orders also.