Hi all,

I want to know different about inventory aisle, location, store areas, store zones. I dont know when I use one of them or all of them to set up warehouses. Because I dont know the meaning of them. please help me to understand it. I’m so happy if you give out one example which is easy to understand.

Thanks in advance

Well it depends upon the warehouse and the structure.

The warehouse can be divided up, it will ususally consist of different locations, this can be constructed from the aisle, rack, shelf and bin, some, all or none depending upon the warehouse. The stores area and zones are additional overlays to the warehouse funcitonality when WMS is being used, so a tores area and zone is how AX knows where to place items on arrival and automatically plans a picking route when they need to be picked. Stores areas divide the warehouse into sections with similar cahracteristics, there is an input type for the arrival of goods, and a picking type for the dispatch of goods.

Store areas are then grouped into store zones

Every location is connected to one of each area.

I would recommend you at the very least read the warehouse manual, but additionally go on a course.