Warehouse shipment says Nothing to handle on create pick

NAV 2013 R2.

  • I used Output journal to create 515 items to my FROMPROD bin
  • Sales Order is released and a Warehouse Shipment has been created
  • From the Warehouse Shipment record I set the status to released and pressed the Create Pick button
  • Nothing to Handle !

I have used the same method for other shipments successfully but one or two have this behavior.

What reasons are there for this?

Thank you

Dave K

It turns out that it is bad data in most cases.

But, here is one situation that I don’t know how to resolve (so any help would be appreciated)…

  • A production order is created
  • The Location and Bin No was omitted by mistake.
  • The Output Journal was run and a quantity produced to stock

This stock is not in my FROMPROD (picking) bin and I can not pick from it in warehouse shipping.
I have tried adjusting the warehouse stock so there is now the correct quantity of the finished item in my FROMPROD bin.
When I press the Create Pick button in Warehouse shipping document, it still says Nothing to Handle.

What should I do?


Dave K

Hi Dave,

What is the location (and bin) on your sales order and warehouse shipment?

Have you checked the bin type code setup to make sure it is set up as a pick bin.


did you check, if enough of the current used items (in the sales line) are located on the selected location and bin?

best regards