Warehouse Receive allocated Receiving No. out of sequence

User may post direct shipment from SO/PO link; Purchase Receipt No. will be auto generated OR Warehouse Receive posted Posted Purchase Receipt No,

Problem we faced is the number series allocation from the Posted Purchase Receipt is not allocating the next running number but of another earlier number series which was reserved in the Receiving No in Purchase Header.

Was told it was Standard Navision behavior to reserve Purchase Receipt No. under Receiving No. on Purchase Header upon any error encountered (transparent to user) when posting Warehouse Receive.

This has created inconvenience for our user admin and to trace the item receiving based on sequential Purchase Receipt No. to identify it was allocated with an earlier number series. This has happened multiple times and we were asked to monitor its recurrence but we could not identify any error encountered.

Neither Vendor nor Microsoft could offer any resolution. Any one could offer any help.