Warehouse receipt to multiple bins


Can you please help to sort this situation.

I have a PO for item X for 300 units and I am receiving the item under Warehouse Receipt and will have to split them into pallet of 30 units and place them to bins(bin maximum quantity is 30units).

All the bins are set and configured for the qty of 30 as maximum.

The client want to received the items and allocate to the bins during the receipt in one operation.

I have tried to see how to split the receiving line but it cannot find a way out. Is there a way to do so?

Or another option

In the line I have use item tracking lines which enable me to split the item to pallet of 30 unit (lots) but how to allocate them to different bins since there is no option to allocate bin in this forms? I have inserted a bin field here and allocate the different bins in the warehouse but it cannot be posted to bin content.

We are not using put-away or direct put-away…
The client want/need to do a warehouse receipt and allocate to bin in one step.

thanks to help me to find the correct way/flow.