Warehouse Putaway Document!

Dear All,

Some times while doing a putaway in Navision, the putaway document is not generated. My Warehouse setup is Directed putaway & pick.

Have any one come across this errror in Navision? Alternatively, a warehouse putaway doucment can be generated from Posted Receipts-functions-create a put away. But this isn’t working too…

For the time being I’m creating the Warehouse putaway manually from the back end. I know this is not a good way of doing it!! but I have no choice as my customer can’t wait.

This happens 1 out of a few hundred Receipts and quite hard to replicate this Scenario.

Any suggestions on this is highly appreciated.

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Hi Panjam ,

I am doing this scenario many times … it must be perfect

Be sure of locations … qtys … set up location ----> bin polices tab -->always creat putaway must be clicked …

Hi Jouhanya,

Thanks for the reply. As I mentioned, my warehouse setup is Directed Putaway & Pick. With this Scenario, A putaway is always created by default in Navision and user cannot skip this flow. It only happens once in a few thousand receipts. How ever, so far I have not encountered it again.

I have also checked “Always Create a Putaway line” this only works if Navision cannot fiind a Zone and a bin to assign.

I guess this may be a similar bug like the Transfer Order warehouse shipment not being created.We received a fix from Microsoft and the Issue has been resolved.

Any way, keep a very close eye on it!! it may encounter when the Transaction volume is too high. Other wise, you are lucky that you have not encountered this Error.

I have seen this a lot, and always if we check with the users, then everythign has been done correctly, they have no reservations or lots or serial number issue, the items are int he correct bins etc, then all of a sudden they work out a way to process the items and all is well. Of course we can’t go back and find the issue becasue it was “urgent” and the item had to be processed. But every now and then we get the opportunity to gt a back up of the DB, and review everything, and find out that there was a setup or data error somewhere.

I find that you need to sit with the Client, and look at how they process warhouse, then based on this add forms to the Item card that allow them better visibility of the items warehouse documents, this way when they have a problem its easier to search and find the issue.