Warehouse Physical Inventory Journal

Dear All, I have a following error while I’m performing Warehouse physical counting. 1. When I click on calculate Inventory in Warehouse Phyiscal Inventory Journal, it shows negative for all inventory and the entry type on the Line is automatically taken as Negative entry, I tried to change the Entry type to Positive and run Calculate inventory but it still takes Negative as default and shows me negative balance. Can any one tell me where is the problem? your help is highly appreciated!! Thanks & Regards, Panjam.

Hi Panjam The “warehouse” Physical Inventory Journal does NOT have the entry type field on it. You are running the Inventory Physical Inventory Journal. I cannot say why they are all “negative” I would guess you have negative in stock. The entry type is altered by the system when the Qty (Physical Inventory) is entered, if it is different to the expected then the entry type changes appropriately and the quantity field is populated with the difference as the journal is only processed for the difference. I guess you are using V4.0 Warehouse Physical Inventory Journal Warehouse - Goods Handling Multiple Orders - Periodic Activities Physical Inventory Journal Warehouse - Inventory These are different methods of doing the same thing in different environments. So make sure you are using the correct one!

Hi Steven, Thanks a lot for ur reply. I’m using Navision 4.0 and if it is a Directed Put away and Pick then it is suggested to use Warehouse Physical Inventory Journal instead of Physical Inventory Journal, beco’z when you use “Physical Inventory Journal” for Directed Putaway and pick location, it is not possible to show the bin codes. For this reason it is suggested to use Warehouse Physical Inventory Journal. There is a field called “Entry type” in warehouse physical Inventory Journal (Nav-4.0) but you need to pull it out from “Form Designer” as it is not available in Show Column field. I found a Temporary Solution- Enter the Qty on Physical Inventory field similar to Qty Calculated Field and it will automatically change the Sign to Positive and the “Qty field is 0”. So which means your stock take is correct, as long as you really dont have negtive stock balance. I don’t know what is the problem as I’m not a Developer but as a Consultant I tried the above one and it works and for now my problem is solved. But this has to be fixed!! Thank you!! Vin…

Sounds to me if you have negative quantities in bins then someone has broken the code to get these figures in!

I dont know, perhaps!! but this happens in all standard Navision 4.0 Demo Versions.

Hi It happens in “all” demo databases - well I had to try [:D] I am afraid what it is doing is perfectly natural - it is your misunderstanding that is causing you the issue. The Qty (Calcualted) field shows you how many are in stock. The Qty (Physical Inventory) field tells you how many you have counted. When you run this Navision sets the Qty (Calcualted) field to the amount in inventory (in that bin) whilst the Qty (Physical Inventory) field is set to zero until you tell Navision how many you actually have. As in standard Navision Physical Inventory Journal this will then set the Quantity field to the difference. If you have 4 and count 0 Navision is suggesting you remove 4, and the entry type is set to negative behind the scenes. Set the Qty (Physical Inventory) to 4 and see the quantity field set to 0.

Hi Steven, Thank you again for your reply. Well, this is happening only for “Warehouse Physical Inventory Journal” not for “Physical Inventory Journal” I think showing negative balance in Quantity field will be quite confusing for end users… If im not wrong the “qty field” is the Difference of Qty Calculated- Qty Physical Inventory. So the Qty field in “warehouse Physical Inventory Journal” should be blank just like “Physical Inventry Journal”. Any difference in Counting will be updated in Qty field after entering in the Qty Physical Inventory field. If the program was a logic, then why didnt it show negative stock balance in “Physical Inventory Journal”?? Kind regards, Panjam.

Hi The simple answer is that they perform different functionality in the different area. With the physical inventory journal the amount you are expected to count is pre-filled, allowing you to enter counts where differences have been found. With the added detail of full WMS the perception is that more detail and control is required, so the system sets the counted field to zero and forces you to enter every count per bin. I have no real idea why one works one way and one the other, but my memory tells me that you need to reproduce the warehouse journals in inventory as well. I guess you could alter the funcitonality but first you need to understand the processing and reasons for the differences. I’ll need to look at my manual!