Warehouse opening entry/entries


I am having problems in entering warehouse opening entries for a WMS enabled location in Navision. This customer already is using locations in Navision, but it was not WMS enabled before. What is the actual way of doing this?

What I have done is, I have used Warehouse item journal to enter opening adjustments into the location’s recpective bin. However, when the users run the “calculate whse. adjustment” in item journal, these adjustments are drawn back into the item journal for adjustments. If these were posted, the items in the location would be doubled.

Please advise… thanks.

Hi Jordi,

you have to run function Calculate Inventory in Physical Inventory Journals as result it will suggest you Positive Adjustment to align your Inventory (in Item Card) to Bin Contents.

It looks like you already have items in the location, and are now trying to put them in bins at that same location. I am not sure if you can do this. I think that you need to start from an empty location, then put the items in bins, and then do the inventory adjustment. The alternative would be some code.

Post the positive adjustments in the warehouse journal. Then go into the warehouse entry table and delete the adjustment bin entries…that will do it. Doing this will make it so you will not need to do the ‘Calculate Warehouse Adjustment’ in the item journal because your entries will make the warehouse entry table in balance with the item ledger.

Of course, you’ll want to be absolutely certain that that everthing is in balance or otherwise bad things are in store down the line…