Warehouse management system

Is there a company that developed an alternative WMS system for Attain 3.6? We are having a lot of problems using the existing one from Navision. ( It hangs the complete system ! )

Please contact Riaan, see email address below. I know that they have launced an advanced warehouse system that integrates with Navision. mailto:riaan@basix.co.za

Yvan, how are you doing now with your WMS system. We also experience major problems (locking of many users/processes). I wonder whether riaan had interesting information. Please inform me.

We’re on 2.6 with Warehouse Management and are planning to evaluate the 3.X product - I know it’s a complete re-write. Does anyone know if the issues you’re having with the 3.6 release have been addressed in the 3.7 version?

I don’t know the specific examples, but we have come accross a number of issues with WMS in 3.60, which have been rectified in 3.70 As a result, we will be upgrading our 3.60 clients who use WHM to 3.70 in the near future. I would recomend that anyone considering WHM should go for 3.70 and not 3.60. With regard to 2.60 (The old Navision Advanced Distribution system), WHM in 3.60 and 3.70 are very different, and some of the features and functions in NAD have been dropped from the new system.