Warehouse Management - Ship and Item Tracking

We have discovered a problem in Attain v 3.01B, regarding an item which has Item Tracking switched on, and then shipping this item through warehouse management. To reproduce - follow this 1 - select an item with stock and complete the Item Tracking Code field 2 - create a sales order for this item and then release the sales order 3 - go to warehouse management and select Assign 4 - create a new warehouse assignment and pull in the sales order that you have just created. 5 - then autofill qty to handle and then Create Pick 6 - select Pick from warehouse mgt and go to the pick you have just created 7 - post the Pick (do not ship from here). NB you will be asked to complete the Item Tracking Lines from here - so you must do this before the Pick will post. 8 - now select Ship from warehouse mgt. Filter on the line you want to ship and autofill qty to handle and then Post the Ship. 9 - you should get a message saying Qty to Handle (Base) must be zero. 10 - now check your original sales order - this will show your line as being shipped - but the line on the warehouse mgt ship screen stays there. i.e. the line does not disappear on posting and give confusing messages to user.

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Hi Louise At the Navision “What’s New” day for 3.60 they explained that they had completely altered teh item tracking set up because of a “few” issues in 3.01 in this area, I would hazard a guess this is one of them. I cannot run this through in 3.60 because there is no “assigning” as such to warehouse management and I do not know how to get an item/customer to flow through Warehouse Management, otherwise I would have tried it in 3.60 for you. Steve