Warehouse Management Error Message

I am using Navision 3.10.A build 11419 with Warehouse Management and Item Lot Tracking. After I create a Sales Order, released it, do the Assign, Pick then after posting the shipment line I get a message that goes “No. of Source document posted 0 out of total of 1. Some ship lines remain.” During my check, I found out that one case where this message may occur is when you assign a different lot number in the item tracking line by yourself instead of selecting it from the item tracking entries. But Im not doing that, so is there any other case where the message above will show up. Thanks.

Hi Marlon There were “lots” of “issues” with serial/lot tracking in 3.10. So much so I believe they have re-written a lot of it for 3.60. Combine this with the reported “issues” in warehouse management in 3.10 and I think you have a pretty good chance of having hit one of those “issues” yourself. You may want to check with your NTR as it maybe a known “issue” [:D]