warehouse Management bin Bin adjustment

I’m seeing this on client database on 4.0 sp3.
In bin content, at the bottom it shows qty in adjustment bin. for every line. So to zero it out you need to run in Item Journal Calc. warehouse adjustment. This process makes the one sided entry in warehouse for the adjustment bin. The value at the bottom of bin content returns to zero.

This works great, but there is a problem with Lot Tracked Items. And this had to do with unit of measure.

To do this in Cronus.

I will used 80216-T. I will add a second Item UOM of PACK with Qty. per Unit of Measure 12.

Open Whse. Item Journal, white location
select item 80216-T. select bin W-01-0001. put qty 1, Change UOM PACK, enter Item Tracking “test”. and Register.

Then run in Item Journal line “Calc. warehouse adjustment” and Post.

If you look at Bin Content, you’ll see that Qty. on Adjustment Bin is not zero. If fact you will not be able to zero it out qty in Adjustment bin.