warehouse doubt

Hi Experts,

MY client has bought advanced license but it doesnot contain wms so now iam able to create the warehouse location and accept the purchase after releasing and posting purchase order.

And viewing the registers in warehouse history.

My problem is i want to create 4 workplaces where manufacturing takes place and after every process the items must return to the inventory.

U did not mention properly what is your problem .

Even without using the Warehouse ( Zones, Bins) u can issue the material to shopfloor, after complete the production work , u can put that material in Inventory location just Using the LOCATIONS

hi reema,

Sorry for posting confusingly .

My problem is my client has 4 places A,B,C,D where manufacturing takes place and every time he sends the material from inventory to any of the 4 places he wants back to inventory againa why because for a finished product to come the items has to gone through all tthe four places so how to acheive this.

I think i need not have four places in inventroy , i have to have four different work centers rite .

Plz clarify my doubt

So this comes down to the structure of you BOM each of the 4 workplaces will be another level in the BOM, you will have 4 works orders and you will finish these into inventory to be pulled by the next order.

Horrible horrible way to do it but why on earth do you need each step to be in inventory?

No your assumption is totally wrong .

The work centres will tell about capacities information like resources, machines.

Work centre will tell where the machine is situated.

Locations will tell about the Items qty.

Using locations u can transfer the stock from one location to another.

Using location u can the see stock by location.

So u need to have 4 work centres and 4 Locations .