Warehouse boxes


A customer has a warehouse with several bins, locations and ADCS. Basically is using all the features of Navision warehouse.
That customer assembles and stores mobiles phones and normally when it moves items around is done in boxes or pallets of 500 mobiles phones.

Until now there wasn’t any problem. [:)]

By demand of current mobile phone operator, warehouse has now to support item tracking in items and warehouse movements. Problems arise in movements.
If that customer in same bin has 3 boxes, and tries to move only one box with 100 mobile phones, he can’t manually insert all tracking of those items every time is done a movement in warehouse bin / zone to manufacturing.

I know that are a few add-ons that support the concept of packages in warehouse. The lasted that I have used is from Young and Partners and I have to admit it that is quite good.
But my customer doesn’t want to implement a new project, because most of those add-ons have a completely new warehouse system.

Does anybody have implemented such thing?

Hi Nuno

First the customer has to define the rules. They have 300 and want to move 100, they have implemented item tracking (serial or lot) and want the system to “suggest” the tracking information - so which 100 of the 300 should be suggested? I have worked on a couple of projects whereby the rules were different, one was an earliest registration date, so the day it actually came into the building (not the bin) and others based upon expiration date. However I believe 5.0 has answer for this in the suggestion of picks based upon earliest expiry. You may want to start by looking at 5.0 if you have access (I have not yet looked at it), otherwise, get the customer to set the rules, and get Navision to carry out the actions [:D]

Thanks Steve.

Using FEFO picking it’s a way to solve that. But it’s dangerous to do it in warehouse. NAV 5.0 already has implemented it, but isn’t that difficult to implement it in NAV 4.0
When you receive 3000 or 4000 mobile phones per day, you will split those mobile phones in big boxes around bins, 2 to 4 boxes per bin.
When you want to pick only a box to manufacturing or another bin, can be a nightmare. You don’t know witch item to picks because they have same date. (if you use FEFO)
Add-ons that I have seen always add 2 fields to journal – From pallet and to palette.

I probably will go that way also by implementing that feature in standard Navision. But it will give a lot o work to do it.

Hi Nuno

FEFO is not an issue if the stock is controlled, and the process implemented fits the business. If you are constantly moving boxes between bins (why would be my first question[:D]) then you need your hand helds to action bin movments via scanning, and the simplest way to do this is box/pallet control the goods, but this can only be done really if you then do not split the goods. Essentially you scan the box/pallet and the system knows the contents, so no need to fill them in. You can split them, but you need the Navision process to bulk break and record the split box by box and serial number by serial number.

Ultimately it comes down to specifying what the customer wants to achieve and how, and then making Navision do it. I am not sure there is a full WMS implementation of Navision without modifications, in fact I do not think I have yet come across a simple inventory environment where Navision has not been modified to fit the required business processes.

Also remember prior to 5 Navision did not have any serial/lot issue method except “manual” [:D] So lets take that at least as an improvement!


Thanks Steven Weaver by your comments. Some times I need to discuss ideas with another members. Being a freelancer isn’t an easy task.
BTW, customer can’t ensure FEFO.

To solve this problem: I have created a first analysis and until now it solves all this problems. I will try do share with this community a possible solution.
There will be 2 tables with the same concept has Bin / Bin contents. But in this case will be pallet / palette contents.

Warehouse movements will be changed to support pallets.

Until now the user can:

  • Move items between pallets.
  • Track palette contents in warehouse.
  • Movement pallets and items in warehouse
  • Inventory by palette