ware house and site are updating


I am creating the purchase order .

In purchase order header I did not select the ware house and site.

In Purchase order line I select the item , then automatically ware house and site are updating .

It is coming for some item s only.

How it is possible .what is the setup .

Please let me know.

On teh item record look at the default order settings. There is also a default order settings by site. These will be populated for the item.

Thanks Austin,

I gone through that Default order settings .

Here i found site information only . I could not find any ware house informations.

that means under one site , u may u ahve 5 ware houses.

let’s say site = 1 .

ware houses = A, B , C , D, E.

when i select the item ABC 001 , automatically site = 1 , ware house = C is updating in purchase order line.

why it is taking the ware house = C only.

where it is linked.

Hi Austin

I told you two areas, you only looked in one [:D]

Look at the item card, in the top graphic bar under the Manage Inventory tab you have default order settings, as you say this tells you the site. The button next to this is the site specific order settings, here you will see that it is divided by site AND warehouse, so in your example default order settings is set to site 1 and the site specific order settings say when you use site 1 use warehouse C.