Want to print a record five times in report

I have a label report. I want to print a record five times & a second record in next page. Please guide. Regards.

If I understand correctly. In the body section of the report copy and paste the same fields five times.

Then in the property of that record set it to newpageperrecord.

If that doesnt answer your question. You have to be more specific.

yes dear, you are right.

I have a two records in packing list line. i.e.

packing list no. lot no no. of bags

001 abc 5

001 xyz 3

Now, i want 5 labels for line one with same data on a single page & on the next page (because of lot is different) there should be only three lines with same data.

I dont have NAV infront of me but I will do my best to explain. I will use Sales Line in my example.

DataItem 1 - Sales Line - In the property set NewPagePerRecord

DataItem 2 - Integer (indent this under Sales Line).- In predataitem trigger do your filter → SETRANGE(Number,1,“Sales Line”.“No. of Bags”).

In the Integer body section of the report. Place your fields eg. “Sales Line”.“No.”