want an idea abt this process??


My client is producing some items in a work centre after that he wants to send those items to another work centre called inspection area so if some items say 8 items passed the inspection they should be updated to one item no and 2 items which failed the process should be updated for different item no.

Plz help me in doing this

What is wrong with having a routing step for inspection at teh end of the process?

You alternative is to have a new item, with a BOM consuming your current item, and a routing for inspection, then process this.

There are other alternatives, you could transfer them into a quality warehouse, and out again, kills planning though.

The first one is obviously a much better approach.

Yes adam the items which are failed will be new item and BOM is my current item.

And in Prod. order what should i fill

What are the values to be taken in consumption and prod. journal

So that 8 items will be updated to current item and 2 items to the new item

Sorry for asking more preecisely .

It is just like any other operation, you have a routing step and then you define the output quantity as the good quantity and the scrap quantity as the scrap quantity. This is in the output journal, you are recording routing steps here. The consumption is not relevant.

Not sure what you mean by 8 to the current item and 2 to the new. If this were the case and you want them reworked then you need to raise a new works order with the rework routing and the BOM being the original item, but this is not the way I would go. You have to think of the process and how it flows, I have no knowledge of this in your business and to be honest what you are seeking is not clear.

Oh sorry adam might be my english is poor thats y u r not understanding

Adam in short if i send 10 items say Item A to inspection area work centre suppose i get 8 items which should be added to the inventory Of name A

Remaining 2 items should be updated to another item B in inventory thats all

How does item A when rejected from inspection become item B? You are talking about By-Products again aren’t you as per some of your previous posts? I would post an output journal for 8 item A with 2 scrap and then a consumption journal for -2 item B’s it is the only way to do it as standard and will probably screw your costing completely, so you would have to test it thoroughly, else put it into the procedure you adopted for By-Products.

Ultimately Item A has an inspection, you output 8 - that is what I am getting at with the routing.