W95 is blocking when tables are held (english)

We have a mixed installation with WNT server (and W2K server), WXP, W2K, WNT, W95 and W98 clients. We are running version 2.60D Navision Financial (NF) on both server and clients. W95 seemes to produce a problem with blocking on tables. We are running NF on NF’s own database system. It seems: when a w95 is waiting for a blocked tabel, the w95 will remain blocked even after the blocking initiating the hold has been solved – and even after the w95 client in question has been closed down the blocking from this w95 remains active. This blocking gives serious blocking problems arround in the organisation. I am somewhat unclear on whether this is a NF or a w95 problem. I would very much like to hear about a workarround on this subject, so that I do now have to convert my 20 workstations running w95. A patch or a correction for regestry would be convinient. I look forward to hearing about a solution MVH Per Münster (for Bjarke Sonnichsen)