W2K STD vs W2003 STD

Hello, Are there are any issues running the AOS and Application files on the same sever with W2K STD w/SP4. We are purchasing a new database server that will be running W2003 ENT w/SQL 2000 ENT. I know Microsoft recommends that all 3 components be on seperate servers, on all run with Windows 2003 STD and ENT. We currently have everything setup on 2 servers and have not had any issues. Our usasge is currently under 100 users. Thanks,

Hi, We (around 80 users - Axapta 3.0 / SP3) have been running our AOS/Application Server in single W2k SP4 server for more than a year now. So far it is doing ok (touch wood!!) My educated guess - it should be alright provided of course hardware matches the sizing guide. BTW if there is no particular reason, I would go for Win 2003 server for my AOS/Application. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Thanks, i need to upgrade my AOS server with second processor and add more RAM. So there shouldnt be any issues running Database server on W2k3 ENT W/SQL 2000 ENT and AOS and W2K serverSTD w/SP4.