W2K and NF 1.3 ODBC

Hi Has anyone experienced a problem using NF 1.3 ODBC under a W2K environment? After I have reinstalled my computer from Win98 to a W2K, I can’t use the ODBC-driver (I can use the driver for NF 2.0). The error-message tells me that the problem is regarding a “date format”. Thanks Best Regards Mads Morre DK

Hi Mads and others I just ran into the same problem (Win2k and C/ODBC 1.3). When setting up a data source in the Windows’ ODBC Administrator, I get the errors when trying to browse for a Company. I first get the error-message “The date is not valid”, then I get the error “Unable to locate Navision Financials”. When trying to connect to the (incomplete) data source from an application (e.g. MSQuery or Excel) I get the same errors, often with an application break-down as the consequence. Is this not supposed to be working? Best regards Jens Jeppesen