W-2 array dimensions error

Can anyone help me with an error message I receive when I try to run W-2s? A box pops up that says “Array dimensions must be identical.” Our programmer and reseller have neither one seen this message before and I would like to fix ASAP. Thanks

Could you be a little more specific. Which Navision version do you have, where (wich module or report/form) do you get this error. Regards Walter

The W-2 report works fine in the “shrinkwrapped” version of Navision. But perhaps some modifications have been made. It sounds like the report object is running a codeunit and an array variable is passed from one object to another. The number of dimensions was changed in one object but not the other. If I recall correctly, the W-2 report takes its data from the payroll ledger, but not directly: the actual boxes on the report refer to various elements of a text array variable. The boxes with dollar totals, etc. in them would be actually be populated with text generated by the FORMAT command. Your NSC’s programmers are going to have to fix this for you.