VSS in Axapta

Hi Friends

Can u Please tell me the Advantage of Integrating the VSS with Axapta.How is it Help Full to Either Developer or End User After Integrating.

Thanks in Adavance



Hi Chinna,

VSS is a version control system. The advantages of having a source control system implemented in your environment ensures that,

  1. Multiple developers can work on same objects in AOS. In effect, this means that while submitting the code, the developer will be notified that the form has been updated recently. He can then take the latest changes and merge his changes on that.

  2. Source control maintains a history. So if by mistake you have deleted a particular customization and have no backup, you can get it back from your source control.

  3. Source control maintains other information like who modified an object, when did it get modified, the changes etc.

Hope this helps.