VS 2013 automated build - SSRS reports doesnt get built into ModelStore

Hi ,

we have set up a build server, where the build is defined to run overnight, create a modelstore, and drop it into the folder, to be uploaded later into Test environments.

After some tweaking, we got the builds to run successfully more or less every day.

One thing that i have noticed, is that changes that have been made to SSRS report design, checked in TFS properly, never makes it into the target environments. No errors are reported during the build. When i go through the process, step by step, i see my changes included in combined XPO, but when i take the Model and import it manually into the environment, the changes are not applied - i still have the version of the report from way back. When i look into the binary logs, AutoRunXmlXpoImport document doesn’t list any of the SSRS reports.

Why is this part not being imported with XPO, like other AOT elements?



Hmm, I don’t understand your description. If you say that no SSRS reports are included in the model, you shouldn’t have any SSRS customizations, not “the version of the report from way back”, right? Can you confirm whether you have something there or not?

Also, how exactly are you testing it? If you merely run reports and check how they look like, maybe the problem is somewhere else than you think. Maybe the reports are successfully included in the model and installed to the target environment, but you’re missing the step of deploying them to the report server.

yes, i forgot to mention, the publishing process works ok. so when i go to the reporting service server, the date of the change is correct -the report has been published as per the plan. But the AOT object, the report design itself, is not the one that has been checked in to the TFS. so i understand that there is a part missing from the point when the combined xpo is created - containing the latest changes, which i can verify by looking for that specific change in the XPO (in text editor), and the point when the xpo is imported into the model, where it is missing.

No ssrs reports are included in combined XPO import log file. thats what i see in the log.

And when i try to just manually import the created model into the environment, i see that ssrs report changed date is from the last months changes, not the expected current date. i take the model file, do the Install-AxModel thing, and compile. then i open the report, and see no changes that should be in.

So if it IS in a combined XPO, and evidently not into the model, i assume that somehow the XPO import is skipping the SSRS part of an XPO. aside of the fact that is has not being deployed to the Reporting server, the AOT object itself is not the latest version.

Hope this is a bit more detailed description… The whole concept of automated builds, and build definition, is still a bit new to me

If you have old SSRS changes in your model, either you’re wrong in thinking that nothing was imported, or you build process is wrong - maybe your build environment doesn’t start with the clean state. Because the build process should always take changes from version control, you should either get the latest version or - if it’s broken - nothing at all. There shouldn’t be any residual old changes.

If I was you, I wouldn’t look just at the final result. I would look at the intermediate steps - for instance, you can import the combined XPO to a clean environment and take a look. If you import it interactively, you might see an error.

I remember a situation when a developer committed a change that couldn’t be imported. The import failed but the build process continued, regardless that the XPO wasn’t complete. Importing the file manually showed me the error, therefore I was able to find the problematic change and fix it.

Thanks Martin, i am going to try importing XPO only.

I have tried importing a Model, as i said, but no changes were deployed with the model.

So i know its XPO not being imported correctly, just i dont know where it fails, because there is nothing useful in the logs.

so i have tried to import the XPO manually, having verified that current changes are included, so we know that latest from TFS has been gathered into XPO. import too some time, lots of warnings and 0 errors. And - the SSRS report is still not imported!.

I found other developers have similar issues with combined XPO and SSRS reports, so i will try some suggestions and will post here if they work

Update - i used the same combined XPO, and imported it into the same environment as last time, but this time , i selected just that one SSRS report that i need to verify. And this ti,e, it worked ok.

So the possible solution , maybe, is to update the script to run XPO import twice in a row, and i see that approach was working for some other developers with the similar issue