VPC Image for DAX 4.0 SP1 installation problem


I am having a persistent problem while trying to install the MS DAX SP1 VPC Image. Everytime I try to un-zip the .vhd file (which as u may noticed is huge - 26 GB, and spans over 22 multi-zip files), at the time the extracting process finishes, it also deletes my .vhd which was just extracted. This is very frustrating, coz I have to wait a lot until it is being extracted (about 30 mins). This is very strange, I have no clue on how to solve it. I am working on a Windows XP Prof +SP2, as the told by prerequisites, but the archieve extracting should work ok no matter of this, imo. Does anyone have an idee on how to trick this to work, or had faced the same problem? Any idea could be helpful…

Thank you,


I solved this, by installing it directly from the original DVD’s. My mistake was that I copyied all files to HDD then installed from the same place. It seems the installer expects the zip-files location to change during the installation, otherwise it is deleting the extracted file, just as it did on my case. Hope this is usefull for anyone facing similar problems.