Voucher Number must be filled in

Hi All,

I am having this error message: Voucher number must be filled in. in posting journals which are setup to have a manual voucher input.

I have set up the number sequence to manual and so is the journal name’s voucher series as manual.

Is there anything else I should have setup to prevent the error?



Have you checked for the voucher number on the journal line? What is the value there.


Hi ,

You have to define the voucher number while you do your transaction….

Zohaib Rais

Hi Pranav,

I entered CV-000011771. The voucher number corresponds with the format set in Number Sequence. I am still having the error.

Hi Zohaib Rais,

Yes, I have defined the voucher number during the entry. When I try to post the journal, I receive this error


Not sure but i think system is looking for voucher number in some other field also. May be in ledger trans or may be there is discount or something and that is missing voucher number.

Have you tried with number sequence as automatic? Or else try to debug the cause.



Do the following… create a new number sequence code - TINA, Name -Tina Garcia, Scope- Company, Company - CEU

In Segment-company -CEU — 3, Constant---- _ 1, Alphanumeric— ###### 6, In General Setup Check Manual.

now create a new Journal Name… give your name and description , Journal type Daily, In Voucher series select your name which was created in number sequence, New voucher-- manual.

Now do the transaction … and select the journal name which you created recently. and in lines, Voucher No. write CEU_000001.

I hope this will not give error…


Zohaib Rais.

go to basic >> setup >> numbersequence >> and Run the wizard I belive this should solve your issue.

hi everyone,

my issue is same like Tina

but i want to generate report for the missing vouchers can i have suggestion please

Thanks in Advance


The reason why you are having this error is because you have changed the original posting selection of the journal.


When you created this journal, the original voucher posting in the “Selection by:” was set to “Posting” and validated the entry lines. However, maybe unintentionally, you have changed this one into “Entry” so the system read the changes that’s when you tried to post it the system is asking you to enter to Voucher number.

To correct this problem:

Just change the Selection by: to “Posting” instead of “Entry” you can find this one in the ‘General’ Tab of the Inventory Journal.

Hope this will help because this is what I experienced and solved the issue.