Voting Ends Tomorrow (19 January 2022)

Two Dorwards for the price of one (Still free haha)

There are SO many great speakers and sessions for this years virtual DynamicsCon but I wanted to take a moment to ask for your consideration in voting for my session. Well, not just mine, but my son’s as well! :slight_smile:

I am beyond excited to announce that my son, Taylor Dorward, has thrown his hat into the ring for Dynamics Speaking to contribute to the community. While I will be speaking about Business Central, he is hoping to share the initial part of his power apps journey. More on our sessions below but wait… we NEED your help! Visit DynamicsCon and vote today!!

About My session (Shawn Dorward)

BC LifeHacks – 10 FREE Extensions You Should Know About!

Extensions are cool – and there are a lot of them… which is great… but it also makes it hard to learn about cool ones that you might benefit from. NO PROBLEM AT ALL! I have done the hard work for you – join me for this session as I share ten FREE (Not free trial, but FREE) extensions that you MUST know about!

About My Son’s Session (Taylor Dorward)

5 Things I Have Learned While Getting Started with PowerApps

Taylor is visually impaired… but that isn’t stopping him from giving PowerApps a go – why not right? It is meant for end users, right? Join Taylor for this session where he shares his 5 key takeaways for getting started with PowerApps. This session is for you if you are looking to learn what all the fuss is about