Voided purchase orders

Morning all,

Does anyone know if it is possible to identify which user has either deleted a line or a whole order in “voided purchase order” i have looked everywhere and cannot seem to find the info, am i missing something really simple?



Did you try to activate the AX Database log?

did you check the database log, of course you need to have setup the database log initially to monitor updates and deletes on purchase lines if that has been done initially all you have to do is find the purchase order number e.g. 23457 in the record identification field

u can check through audit trial or online users or GL>Reports> transactions take report and do audit trial

take report for GL>Reports>transactionsand select ur trnsaction and do audit trial

or otherwise chk through online users login

An option would be to turn on the property ‘createdBy’ for SalesTableDelete and PurchtableDelete tables. When SO or PO are deleted and are moved into the delete tables you will have the user that created these records which is the person that deleted the order or lines. I actually added this new field to the form but you may not need to if you just need to look in rare occasions.