Void purchase posted invoice

Hi All,

Is any procedure to void purchase invoices which is wrongly posted to other vendor.

Your timely suggestion will be highly appreciable.



You would need to create a return order with same quantity against the same vendor and process it to invoice. Then create a new PO to the intended vendor.

Thanks for very prompt reply, but we can not create same purchase order number.

Is any other alternatives… like in Dynamics GP there is procedure called void transaction. It reverse the transaction.

AX doesn’t have such feature of voiding the posted invoice. Ideally you should create a return order so that it perfectly reverses your inventory and ledger balances. So, i suggest you go with the PO-return order.

if your intention is to have the same PO number. Rename the wrong PO’s number as x and newly created PO as the intended number.

Right click on PO number>record infor>rename to rename the PO numbers

Many thanks…