void and unapply check on NAV 2013 R2

Hi Dug,

Anyone please help… NAV 2013 R2…

Example - Created and Post to Invoice a Purchase Order with a dimension “Department - A”

  • Posted a check payment for the invoice but with a wrong dimension of “Department - B”

  • so when i tried to reverse the transaction by simply going to check ledger entry then “Void and Unapply” the check, i notice that the entries made on the G/L entries after i voided and un-applied the check listed extra g/l entries that made my G/L analysis by dimension still has a floating entry on it.

  • Please Help me fix this.

  • Thanks…

NAV made an opposite entry in GL to balance out the voided check - by design NAV can’t create STORNO entries in such cases.

Balance is OK, but turnover is increased - if you want/need to get rid of excess turnover, you must manually create minus Db & minus Cr entries in GL Journal and post them.

That will be even more entries, but there is no other way as NOTHING can be simply deleted once posted - all corrections must be done by reversing entries. This is a legal requirement for all ERP systems and conforms with general accounting rules.

Thank you very much for the great answer that you have given…

Hi Modris,

Same scenario happened on our company, we’re using NAV2013R2 version as well.

Posted Purchase Invoice No: PPI-0001

Dimensions encoded on Posted Purchase Invoice:

Department: A

Project: A

Payment with the application of PPI-0001

Dimensions encoded on payment journal:

Department: A

Project: B

Since, the dimension from the payment journal was wrong. I have to void and unapply the check on back account-check ledger entries. But when I voided and unapplied the check, it created entries for ‘voided check’ and ‘unapplication’. Now, when I analyze G/L by Dimension, there is a floating AP balance for dimension B.

Is there any way to remove the unapplication entries or workarounds on how to avoid the entry of unapplication.

Thanks in advance.