Vitual Table 2000000039 Printer and NAS


We need to access the virtual “printer” table in Navision to check which network printers the user has setup. It’s required because of the “ne” port issues you get running Navision in a citrix environment. (ie. the “ne” port number that is shown in printer selections, may be different per citrix server logon). Eg. printer showing port number. \DATASTORE2\HNR_IT_04,Ne33

We have a fix in c1 for this and it works well generally.

However, the problem is that when we try to schedule prints under NAS (navision application server) the printer table is not populated the same way as it is when you open a Nav client manually, so we get a “printer xyz does not exist” error. Does anyone know how to get the virtual table to populate for NAS or another way that we could see the curent list of printers that the NAS user has available.

I’m thinking that because NAS always runs from the same server the “ne” port issue probably won’t be an issue anyway as the printer ports will hopefully remain static. However, it would be good to solve the problem of reading the correct printer names so that an admin user could setup the printer selections for the NAS user as and when required.

P.S we’re running Attain 3.60 on SQL.

Thanks in advance…


Create a little NAS job that write its virtual printer records to a real table. Then just look at the records.

Thanks Babrown, but unfortunately that is part of the problem. NAS does not see anything in the virtual table by looks of things.