Visually differentiating companies

The problem: We have two Companies in our LIVE database with very similar profiles and all users access both companies daily (I also work with test and development systems). I am trying to minimize the possibility of entries being made to the wrong Company and to give a very obvious visual indication of which Company is open. I have taken several steps to achieve this, but would like to go further. Possible solution: What I would like to do is change the appearance (e.g. background colour) of one of the static components of the Navision User Interface (i.e. the Title bar, Menu bar, Toolbar, Navigation Pane, Work Area or Status bar). My preference would be to change the Navigation Pane as it is a relatively large item, is always visible and constantly referenced. The Work Area, although large, will be obscured if users maximize their windows. What I have done so far/the situation now: - The Company name is displayed in the title bar, but this does not stand out and - in our case - the Company names are very similar. - Users currently have a Windows login for one Company and a Database Login for the other. The database login names include a prefix identifying the company which appears in the Status Bar, but again this does not really stand out. - The security has been setup to restrict the Database Logins to one Company and Windows Logins to the other. - The few Company-specific objects are hidden/shown as appropriate in the Navigation Pane (and are therefore stored with each login in the database). - Some objects have Company-specific elements and this is handled in C/AL code. Other possibilities I have considered: - Put Company-specific Code in objects to change their appearance. The problem with this is that there are a lot of objects and I want to minimize the scope of any changes. - Use the bitmap field in the properties for items in the Navigation Pane Designer, although it does not appear the supplied set of bitmaps can be changed or supplemented (as suggested by a previous posting to this forum). - Add new menu groups to the Navigation Pane that duplicate existing items. This would allow different names to be used. This would require the appropriate menus to be shown and hidden appropriately by each Login within each Company.

search the forum for “Company” & “Color” for a bunch of ideas. Search is our friend :slight_smile: