Visual Studio Expressions

Hi All

I am new to Visual Studio. I am used to Crystal.

In crystal, you could create a formula (which is the same as an expression in VS), but you would save the formula to a side menu so you can drag it in to the report in multiple areas. The formula would save with a name.

Therefore at a glance, you could see which formula was placed where by the name e.g. @TotalWeight.

In Visual Studio, it appears that expressions cannot be saved or named.

So you end up with a report with dozens of <> all over the place and you have to double click on each one to see what it represents.

On top of this, if you want to use the same expression in a number of places, you have to copy and paste the code from one to another.

This means if you chance it in one place you have to change it in another.

In crystal if you change the formula in one place it changes all occurences of it.

Is there any way to save the expressions like forumlas in Crystal?

Thanks in advance.