Visual studio entity names not showing and unable to access UI

Hi all,

I am getting the following issue:

Unable to view any model in Viual studio for Build purpose:

Unable to open UI:

I have tried restarting the environment, all services as well as rotating secret in LCS.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Can you give us some context, please?

Did it work before? If it did, what did you do just before it stopped working?

If it never worked, how did you deploye the environment?

It was working before and there was no change in the environment recently

Something definitely has changed.

First of all, check out if you have files in the Packages folder at all.

thanks Martin, I have checked there are model files in the packages folder

The next thing to try: What if you use Dynamics 365 > Model Management > Refresh models?

thanks able to proceed now!