Visual Foxpro 8.0 and CODBC

Hi Folks, Want to connect VFP 8.0 to a Navision .fdb (CSIDE) CODBC goes hang up. Easysoft ODBC-ODBC trial license won’t work. Anybody got some code examples with CODBC. I get a connect but cannot make a remote query view from foxpro. Foxpro will hang. Don’t know what is to blame. Newbie to Navision, not to VFP Don’t like dataports. Tip: There is a nice freeware tool Keysim.exe to download which enables one to replace the keyboard operator. Unfortunately it can’t read since Navision doesn’t run with Telnet as it is a true Windows Appz Telnetting with non-graphical orientated appz had its benefits[:)] keysim is nice with Koalaterm on non-window appz. Koalaterm does allow the famous function key pass-on from Keysim. Keysim is quite controllable from VFP wit run /N keysim go. Tip 2: Run some navision list/report on a configured generic ascii printer to file and then string manipulate the output with the known append from commands. Tip 3: Hopefully some somebody out there[;)] with new tricks.

Hi Folks, Me again. Excel with it’s MSQuery work perfectly together one way regarding with CODBC and Navision. WinSQL has a tendency to do this better (much faster connection and field descriptions on the screen) but goes hanging as well in the end. Trouble with both approaches is that they are too damn slow. Another reason to split up Navision databases as much as possible. Greetz, Rob Smit[B)]


VFP works well with Navision.

VFP works extremely well with Navision and a lot of other databases together. I am playing a lot together. Total harmony

Foxpro rules… forget about other solutions, it does work once the secret is revealed.