Visible property on report bitmap

Quick question - what would the code format be to make a picture object on a report layout visible or invisible ? The picture box on the layout has a source expression CompanyInfo.Picture (the company logo). In certain circumstances which I won’t bore you with, I want to print or not print the logo bitmap. What wouyld be the syntax to switch the visible property ? Thanks, Peter Hodgson

Hi Peter, I would put a condition such that if = true then calcfields(companyinfo.picture) else dont use the calcfields. This will solve your issue. Thanks Best regards Suresh.

Hi Peter I can’t think of a way to switch the Visible property on or off the way you want. There are two other ways that i can think of. 1. You can have an IF statement in conjunction with the Calcfields Statement… Var ShowPicture Boolean IF ShowPiucture THEN CompanyInfo.CALCFIELDS(Picture); 2.You can have a second/Duplicate (Header?)Section, but without the PictureBox and insert code on the OnPreSection triggers. CurrReport.Showoutput(ShowPicture) or (Not Showpicture) which ever the case; I hope this is of Help

Thanks u 2, I used the calcfields option on a logic statement after the companyInfo.Get. Works fine. Ta.